Friday, January 30, 2015

Video: Episode #2 - Bimini to Norman's Cay

Holy shit, we got internet good enough to upload our next video thanks to Bahamian Wifi (its a service that we pay for down here either by the week or by the month, and its pretty fast at times.)  On this video, we leave the fast times at Bimini and head to Gun Cay so we could be that much closer to Chub.  

After Chub, we head to Rose Island to chill out for a couple of days - which is where we discovered Bahamian Wifi to begin with.  From there we head down to Allan's Cay to feed the iguanas and ended up getting caught in a horrible current in a tight anchorage with 5 other boats.  It ended up pulling our anchor loose and dragging it as we quickly made the decision to pull it up and re-anchor.  

The thing about knowing when to do this is a little harder than it seems.  You see, we set up the chartplotter the best we can and put a waypoint right on top of where we think the anchor is so we can see if we've moved further from the anchor as the day and nights go on.  We were getting whipped around so much, that it was hard to tell if we were dragging or not, but when the difference became over 40 feet, we had a good indication that we were getting pulled by the current.  It was a long night needless to say and that's why we hauled ass to Norman's the next day - we wanted a little more room to breathe.  As you can see in the video, there isn't a whole lot of space to anchor between the island to begin with and stack on top of it that we were being swallowed be a 5 knot current that had a death grip on my boat....anyway, that night sucked.  

Then we end with arriving at Norman's Cay - where we spent a few days messing around.
As always, stay tuned to the end for fun stuff and a tribute to our family dog Daisy that died in Nassau.


  1. Another great video Kevin, I better not show it to my wife or she may want me to carry her to and from the boat! You are creating a high mark for yachting videos I think, hope we will be able to get close once we set sail later in 3 months.

  2. Nice video! How did you get those cool shots of the boat from way out in space? Are you a fucking alien? Taking pics from the mother ship?
    The Bahamas really look terrible, I don't know how you stand it. Me? I am going to work, and then soon, we are going to join you guys in the Bahamas.We don't care how terrible it is.
    That part about Daisy made us cry a little. Sad stuff.
    Chris and Joyce
    SV Saltrun

    1. Well, see....I have a friend at NASA, and he owes me a few when I need an aerial shot of the boat, I call in my coordinates to him and the satellite snaps the picture. And hurry up, we can't wait in Georgetown forever waiting on you guys!! It sucks here!! ha ha

  3. Wow, those lizards are huge, can't call em small! Are there any big enough to ride? Be nice if you could mount them for a tour of the island.

  4. I just found your blog today after seeing your post on he cruisers forum about the cost of cruising. That was very informative and helpful. Thanks.
    I must sad and sorry to hear the story of losing daisy. 18 years - wow. What a very long and special relationship to have.
    I plan to go back to the beginning tonight with a couple of glasses of champagne and binge read the whole blog. Looking forward to that and more posts in the future. Thanks for posting.

    1. Well I'm glad you found us! sad about our Daisy, just about made us tear up reading your comment. Awesome commitment to go back and read the whole story...and what a story - lots of ups and downs....but hey, I'm sitting here in the saloon of our boat looking out over Stocking Island Harbor at the beautiful water and all the other cruisers here at anchor and I must say we feel extremely lucky to be able to do this. Thanks for taking the time to comment and I hope you enjoy the story.