Friday, January 30, 2015

Just out Catchin' Rays

We've just docked here in Georgetown, Exuma after motor-sailing from Lee Stocking Island today.  Before that we were at Big Majors/Stanial Cay for a couple of days waiting out the heavy winds.  We didn't hardly get out of the boat because there was a constant 20 knot wind blowing almost the entire time we were there.  Prior to Big Majors, we were at Norman's Cay where Brandon snagged his first kill with the Hawaiian Sling - a Lion Fish - the most ecologically destructing fish out there right now and he did his part to rid one small piece of coral from this bully.  And it made two nice fish nuggets to boot.
Tami & Me at our Big Majors anchorage - it was a busy place
He was also able to find this beautiful lobster hiding under the only piece of coral within 400 yards of our anchorage at Lee Stocking Island.  There was a nice Nassau Grouper in there too, but left after he pulled the trigger.

Brandon's first Lobster using a Hawaiian Sling @ Lee Stocking
Other than that, we've just been wastin' the days away, hoping to find warmer weather (I know, we're bitchin' about 77 degrees - deal with it) so that jumping into the water would actually be refreshing.  But from here, we don't know where we're going - maybe onto Long Island and beyond...but we don't know yet - maybe we'll just hang out here along with the 500 other sailboats at anchor behind us.

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