Tuesday, December 8, 2015

New Video: #14 Sailing the Caribbean - Gorgous Grenada

Check out our latest episode of Catchin' Rays Season 1 where we explore the entire island of Grenada and end with some amazing underwater footage of the Sculptures at Dragon Bay.  As always, stay tuned until AFTER the credits for some deleted scenes and just a lot of cool clips.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Our New Tracking Signal is Officially up and Running

Just a quick note....since we went on hiatus for hurricane season, I put our IridiumGo tracking signal on hiatus also - not knowing it was going to lose all of last season's tracking information.  But alas, our new tracking information is back up and running...so all you have to do to find us, or see us moving from place to place is to click on the link in the header - its back up and linked to our new SIM card in the Iridium devise....for right now, it just shows us sitting patiently in Peake's Boatyard waiting on the splash.  But soon it will be following us from island to island.