Renovation Page

Figured I'd put all the reno pics in one place so I could de-clutter the "Boat" page.  These are just miscellaneous pictures of the different upgrades and updates to the boat.

4 New 6 volt 400ah Mastervolt AGM's

Old instruments

Replaced with brand new Raymarine E90W

And another one in the cockpit

Engine rooms cleaned and insulation scraped

New BilgeKote paint

Not dripping the BilgeKote on all the lines made the job that much harder

New Raymarine 50i's and 60i

New HD Color 18" 4kw radar

New 22" HDTV displays chartplotter and OTA television

Temporary shop - soon to be converted back to a cabin

Organized workshop

Finally, an organized toolbox

Alfa wifi hotspot

6" mattress with 2" memory foam topper

Mattress installed in starboard aft cabin

Blue Stripe removal: 120 grit, 220, 400, then 800

Acrylic window installed and tinted

 Overhauled and upgraded Groco Hydromatic Strainer

Mast back in place


  1. Hey Ella, thanks for checking out my blog. About the hard bimini......I am not sure where it came from or when it was put on. It was on the boat when we bought it back in October - but it is really a nice looking and well built bimini, it matches the shape of the boat and is very strong. We did although, find a picture of the boat taken back in 2004, and everything back then looks just as it does now - the solar panel rack, dingy davits, and hard top.

  2. Hey Kevin! We sure enjoy watching your renovations and we hope Tami is doing better.

  3. Hey Denise, glad to hear from you guys....but hopefully you're keeping up with the blog updates and the youtube channel and not this reno page.....I don't update this page as often as I should :(

  4. Dennis and DeniseMay 28, 2014 at 6:21 PM

    Yeah, I've been following your progress. It's captivating to see all the things you guys are doing to the boat/yacht. Where exactly are you guys at in Key West? I pulled up the town on the mapquest satellite. Are you any where close to Trumbo Road or Lazy Way Lane?

  5. Great info! How much did you boat cost after the refit?

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  6. Perhaps I missed a segment, but can you show (pics or diagram) how you got 1024 watts situated / located on your catarman. Most cruisers seem to have around 600-700 watts and have no more room, ecept for those that install walk on fle panels.
    Doug in VT

    1. Yeah...this was covered pretty well in my Refit #5 Video on YouTube. You can watch it from this link (hopefully it works) - but I have 840 watts on the hard top in the form of three 280 watt panels and I have 184 watts that swivel on the solar rack.

  7. 175K? Wow, I was figuring much more. I commend you and the boys on a job well done!