Wednesday, January 13, 2016

We're swallowing the Hook and Selling Catchin' Rays

Its probably a little sudden and unexpected, but after a few conversations among the three of us, we've come to the decision to swallow the hook and sell our boat.  Although it was never something we intended to do forever, it's most definitely sooner than we all had wanted. 
So what happened?  Why sell the boat after only a year out on the water?  Well, its for a few reasons that makes this decision a little easier:

1. Tami's foot is permanently screwed up and it makes it very difficult to explore islands when you can hardly walk.  Not that she can't walk on it at all, but when she does use it just a little bit, she pays for it dearly with pain that I can't imagine - so that makes using it a costly activity.  Part of the reason we decided to go sailing in the first place, was being able to explore the places we visit, and while her electric scooter and a bicycle would help, there's only a handful of places that makes riding a scooter possible.  So we were left with mostly pushing her around on a wheelchair - making the "exploring"  part difficult and unpractical.  But the one thing her foot did not stop us from doing, is setting sail to begin with - we could've cancelled the plan altogether when she was injured, but we didn't - we had to do this, we had to set sail one way or another, and so we did.  And its not something we regret in the least - in fact, its quite the opposite - we all have a story that is permanently documented on YouTube for our grandchildren's grandchildren to see...and its something we're all very proud of.

2. Its something that we wanted to do as a family, and having Justin not part of this season has made us begin to think of life after sailing.  And while the real reason he's not here right now is a combination between both of our decisions (and a little complicated) the fact is not having him here gave me one less reason to continue to sail.  And although Justin still wants to have a presence on the sea, he's found other interests and a companion that now take a higher priority in his life than being a deckhand on Catchin' Rays. 

3. We want to be able to live a life that Tami can enjoy to its fullest and having a life on land seems to be the best choice.  We'll eventually get a newer motorhome and be able to pull our scooters wherever we go (we don't have them yet, but after our adventure in The Saints, we're definitely getting some.) But that will have to wait just a bit while we get the boat sold.  We're listing her with 123Hulls in the BVI's and if you ever wanted a solid cruising catamaran that's loaded with everything you can think of, we can hook you up.

Thanks to everybody that subscribed, watched, and commented on our videos on YouTube and this blog - we had a blast documenting the whole story, but I'm pretty sure I'm done with that part of my life.  I'll keep the channel up and running, but probably won't be adding anything new for awhile as our next chapter in our lives will most likely not involve editing and producing videos or updating this blog.