Monday, January 12, 2015

Video: Key West to Bimini has been uploaded

See the crew set sail for Bimini, Bahamas with an unexpected stop in Key Largo for repairs.  I've actually been working extremely hard to get this video uploaded as we only arrived into Bimini less than a week ago.  But the free internet is so good here, I've been trying to finish this first leg of our adventure and get it uploaded because I have no idea when the next time I'll get these fast speeds again.  

Also, I first uploaded the wrong version to YouTube that had an audio error in it...and I could've left it, but it would have driven me crazy, so I've uploaded the corrected version - so, sorry if that messed anybody up.

Next stop: Chub Cay, and we actually head back to Gun Cay tomorrow as we prepare to make the haul to Chub on Wednesday.....stay tuned.


  1. Nice Fish!!! Hope we can catch one or two on the way over this time... What did you use for bait?

  2. I think this one was the Tuna Wacher - purple. But what really sucked is today on the crossing from Chub to Rose Island, we got about a 30 lb Mahi on the steps, but it was so big and we weren't prepared or new how to get it up the stairs and in the cockpit before it shock the lure and went back into the about made all of us sick. It was a blue Tuna Wacker.