Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Key Largo to Bimini

We pulled in the anchor at Key Largo about 1:30pm and set sail for Bimini.  The winds were supposed to be light and the waves were forecasted to be no more than 3 feet all the way there. was right on the money and the boat performed awesome.  Although we didn't get a chance to sail due to the wind being right on the nose, motoring with the current proved to be a fast haul.  We pulled in at 3:30am to the Weech's Bimini Boat Dock after navigating through the channel between North and South Bimini - and having never really done this before, doing it at night at an unfamiliar place was a challenge.  We located the power, plugged in, and cranked up the air conditioning - in only 15 minuets all of our cabins were cold and we were feeling pretty good about what we'd just done.

Pulling in the Monster

Holy shit she's pretty!!

Let the carving begin

Tami doing a great job at filleting our Monster

Tied up at Weech's Bimini Dock


  1. We ate that beauty tonight...I thought about how much you would have enjoyed it the whole time I was eating it!

  2. Hi
    Looks like a good trip, and a nice catch too! I bet that was the BEST fish you ever ate. Its blowing pretty good right now in Miami, I bet it is there too. See you soon