Monday, February 9, 2015

How Much does it cost to Cruise for 1 month? Here's the answer

The biggest question when it comes to cruising is - how much does it cost?  And now that we've been actually cruising for over a month, we know the answer to that question - at least for the first month anyway.  

So the break-down does include everything that we spent in the month of January that includes a Caribbean cell phone, entry fee into the country, electronic charts for just about the whole half of this world (we aren't sure where we're going yet), and also the maintenance costs associated with the starter and rent-a-car.  It does not include the costs associated with the initial provisioning of the boat - all the groceries and the fuel we bought in Key West before we left and to be honest, we spent well over $1000 in groceries alone, maybe close to $1500.  And we've been eating pretty well by our standards over the past month and a half, and we still have enough food to last another 1 1/2 months.  All we've been doing is buying more cereal, bread, vegetables, etc.   But I estimate that we have probably eaten about $400-600 worth of groceries so far and now that we're in the Bahamas, it will be even more to replace our supplies - but that will probably not show up until March sometime.

So, here is the list and break-down of the cost to cruise:

Janruary 2015

The first list is mostly an itemized list of the separate charges.  The second list is the totals.

Diesel $54.00
Gas $13.00
Groceries $265.00
Diesel $228.00
Gas $23.00
Weech's Dockage (2 days) $100.00
Bimini World Marina (1 day) $55.00
Nassau Habour Club $203.00
Port Starter $200.00
Rent-a-car $112.00
Zincs (4 sets) $150.00
Entertainment/ Dinning $119.00
Laundry $18.00
Electronic Charts $235.00
Guide Book (we forgot to buy Bahamas) $59.00
Scuba Stuff $140.00
Bahama Sim Card for cell phone $20.00
Cell Phone - Carribean $210.00
Pre-paid minuets $180.00
Internet Access $75.00
Containers $11.00
Medicne $13.00
Exuma Yacht Club (1 day) $93.00
Groceries $48.00
Dinning $21.00
Diesel $91.00
Diesel $378.00
Groceries $313.00
Gas $36.00
Dockage $451.00
Maintenance $462.00
Entertainment/Dinning $140.00
Laundry $18.00
Electronic Charts $235.00
Guide Books $59.00
Scuba Stuff $140.00
Communication $485.00
Containers $11.00
Medicine $13.00
Total $2,741.00

So there you have it - the cost to cruise the month of January 2015 as done by the Ray family aboard Catchin' Rays - your list may differ. 

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  1. Brilliant ! You only live life once so make the most of it.
    From an old time retired cruiser

  2. Thank you for posting this information and detail! It helps those of us still in the planning phase.

  3. As one who lived your lifestyle sailing the "Thorny Path" to Grenada and back on a 46' monohull in 2000-2001, and preparing for a more extended cruise soon on a 46' catamaran, your monthly expense report was quite informative. Please keep them coming and have FUN! I know I did.

    1. Hey, I got a question: we are thinking of going to Clarence Town tomorrow on the lower east of Long Island and we have about a week of 25 knot winds coming from the that an ok place to hang out for a week with a heavy east wind?

    2. Should be OK. The anchorage has good holding. You are still exposed to the wind, but fairly protected from swells. A couple of beautiful churches there. As to the CF noise regarding your monthly expenses, all I can say is, I don't remember meeting any real assholes on my cruise which is somewhat amazing considering how many there appear to be on the forum.

  4. Shit, I got February's cost list done (mostly just hanging out in Georgetown) but am almost afraid to post it - I linked a Cruiser's Forum to this page and man!!! the ruckus that has caused over there has over 100 entries and has input from every Tom, Dick, and Harry that like to impress with their financial prowess. But thanks...I am going to do another monthly cost after a couple more months.

    1. If you are anything like me, after a couple of months cruising the Caribbean, my mind went to mush. (But in a good way). Fewer an fewer log entries, lost clothing, and even the smallest maintenance chores were postponed. I won't hold my breath for another expense report.

  5. Pretty good anchorage there. Good holding. You won't be out of the wind but fairly protected from east swells. Beautiful churches there. Also I believe the blue hole is nearby. As to the CF noise, I never met any assholes while cruising, which apparently is amazing after meeting so many on the Cruising Forum. Hope you keep up the good work with the expense reports but I'm not holding my breath. If you are anything like me, after a few months in the Caribbean, my mind went to mush( but in a good way). Manifesting itself in fewer and fewer log entries, lost clothing, and even the most minuscule maintenance projects postponed indefinitely.