Friday, June 26, 2015

Video: #8 Sailing the Caribbean: US Virgin Islands to St. Martin

Here it is....the video that you've all been waiting for.  One month in the making.  Over 30 hours spent in the editing room.  With a cast and crew of at least 5 people.  With a budget well over a hundred dollars.  Spanning over 90 nautical miles.  I present Episode #8.

On this episode, we explore the USVI's before moving on to the BVI's where we snorkel the Indians, visit Willy T's, swim the Caves, and scuba dive the RMS Rhone.  But before we make the overnight crossing to St. Martin, we stop back by St. Thomas and pick up our newest crew member Aaron.  Video shot between May 3rd and June 4th. 

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