Monday, July 20, 2015

Video: #9 Sailing the Caribbean - St. Martin to Montserrat

Breaking news: Catchin' Rays just released Episode #9 from their award winning first season of “Cruising the Caribbean”.  As the 2015 hurricane season quickly approaches, the crew finally begins to work their way south towards safer sailing grounds.  Be the first to watch this incredible installment that critics are calling “the best episode in the series.” 

On this episode, we begin at Maho Beach, St. Martin as we watch the jets take off right in fron of us; Aaron takes the drone up for a couple of test flights, and we take care of a real crappy problem aboard Catchin' Rays.  But then we set sail southward to gorgeous Saba on an epic day of sailing where we find a mooring on the upper west side of the island.  We continue working our way down to St. Kitts and then Montserrat where we take a tour of a city devastated by a volcanic eruption from 1997.


  1. Great videos! Thanks for all the time and effort you put into them.

  2. Awesome video! Keep them coming so I can live the dream vicariously through y'all! Im sitting on the porch of my condo in the French Quarter drinking beers all day and watching the tourist walk by as I count the days down till I get back out there!

  3. Thanks man...I've tried to keep up with your adventures but you haven't posted an update!! I knew you were eventually heading back to Florida with the boat to help with selling it, but that was it. You should post an update man.....but hey, hanging out in the French Quarter drinking beers all day isn't a bad way to kill the summer!!