Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Video: #7 Sailing the Caribbean: Puerto Rico to the US Virgin Island's

Here it is....the most anticipated video on YouTube...its got the critics going wild - Siskle and Ebert give it two thumbs way up and the Dallas Times Herald say its a must see. 

On this episode, we cruise along the south coast of Puerto Rico and eventually land at Palmas Del Mar Marina.  We then spend a few days on Vieques, then Culebra before crossing over to the USVI's and St. Thomas - just in time for the end of the 2015 Virgin Island's Carnival and the fireworks show that was launched from a barge only 850 feet off our bow.  

Check it out for yourself and see what everybody's been talking about.


  1. Hello, from a fellow North Texan! Just wanted to chime in and thank you all for the awesome videos and blogs. You serve as an inspiration for my own future cruising dreams.

    Fair Winds!!!

    Big Anthony.

    1. North Texas represent!! and you're welcome - we love making the videos. Stay tuned....I am in the final stages of editing for Episode #8 USVI's to St. Martin. And good luck with your own adventure - always good to hear we're inspiring others to follow in our crazy footsteps.