Friday, October 31, 2014

New Vinyl Lettering

Just a quick post - we finally got our new vinyl lettering in today and did our best to install them.  And for some reason, this definitely makes us feel like were getting close to getting her in the water.  Add to that, we got the main sail back in place along with the new stack-pack - and it was easier going up with it than it was taking it down.  

Anyway, here are a couple pictures from today.

76426 - Represent!!!


  1. Your lettering looks AWESOME! You guys nailed it! That is a tough job, been there myself. We can't wait for you to hit the water.
    Chris and Joyce
    SV Saltrun

  2. Thanks takes one who's been there to appreciate the difficulty of accomplishing this task - we went through every font, size, and color for days...if not weeks....trying to get the right combination. Then you just end up pulling the trigger with the one you think is the best. But I have to admit, we were pretty surprised at how well it came out - it looks like its ready to hit the water now....and we can't wait either. Good to hear from you and thanks for the props - we hope everything goes well with Joyce this week - talk to you guys soon.

  3. Looking really good. Getting them lined up and on in one piece is not an easy job. Look brilliant.