Monday, October 20, 2014

Video: A Sailboat Refit - Part 4 - Seatalk Hs Cable, 12 volt Panel, and more Rigging

Here's our latest installment of our on-going "Refit" series.  Only one more after this, and it will be time for the "launch" episode.  


  1. I liked the video, it looks like you are all practiced up on electronics installing. I will call you soon for help on my stuff!

  2. Just tell me what ya got and what you're trying to hook up.....between you, me, and Justin, we should be able to figure it out - Justin is pretty good with making the old Seatalk and the newer Seatalk Ng and Hs talk to each other.

  3. Rays - I have just invested some hours to read/watch your full blog from the beginning. Well documented and representative of what all you have done so far. Keep posting !!!

    We are making our "plans" for joining the cruising world in the not too distant future. I'm looking forward to your posts about "splash day" and the adventures that will follow.

    ~Tim Kopischke

    1. Tim, thanks so much for taking the time to invest in our craziness! Its been an interesting ride - some surprises and some things not too surprising. But we are excited and nervous about splash day too! For one thing, I will get to stop posting so many "refit" videos and begin to post "sailing" videos - at least for the most part. Good luck on your future cruising plans and if you have any questions on anything, you can always shoot me an email anytime.