Friday, November 7, 2014

Video - Refit Part 5 - Watermaker and Solar Panels

I'm happy to announce that this will be my last video in the "refit" series that I've been making for the past year.  Although we have a rudder bearing/housing to still replace, we've serviced all 7 of our winches, and there's still a few more things to do - there will be no more in this series, at least for awhile.  I think I have well worn out the welcome when it comes to making repair videos, and am more than happy to move on to the "sailing" videos - starting with, of course, the "splash" video.  Today we watched a 43' Fountaine Pajot Belize - which is almost identical to our boat - get launched, and it was exciting.  The realization that we will be floating in about 2 weeks is pretty cool, and we're all waiting with great anticipation.  So, thanks for watching all the videos up 'till now - now the real fun begins (and I think it will be much more fun for the people that watch my videos and for me too.)  Enjoy.

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