Friday, April 4, 2014

Video - The last 5 months of Renovation

This video takes a look back on the last 5 months of renovation and repairs that have taken place in Key West aboard Catchin' Rays. Although this isn't the most perfect recording in the world, and the footage was edited as best I could from our location here in Texas, I'm going to go ahead and post it anyway....

Learning how to operate the sound editing software from Audacity has been a has a whole bunch of features that I'll never know how to use.

And my studio has been here in room #207 in the LTAC (long term acute care) facility that Tami has been in for weeks now.....its hard to record a narration when you have nurses paging other nurses through the intercom system.  And the people in the room above us seem to feel the need to scoot a chair across the floor at the most inopportune moment.  Or the patient down the hall that thinks yelling "HEY!!" every 10 seconds for hours on end will somehow make all his problems disappear - the microphone picks it all up....wah wah wah...hope you enjoy the video.


  1. Thanks Britton.....the next one will be better, but its getting there.

  2. Nice job on the video, Kevin. You guys seem to be making a lot of progress.

  3. Great video Kevin! Looks like things are really coming along. Keep at it!