Thursday, March 13, 2014

New Screens and StackPack

While we wait on Tami's recovery, at least one project we started back in Key West has been completed since we've been here in Texas - a new window sunscreen, stackpack, and cockpit screen.  The window sunscreen allows us to ditch the curtains that were inside the saloon that were just about worthless anyway.  They were disintegrating and were nearly impossible to push to one side or the other....

 90/10 screen, a good compromise between visibility & protection

The old stackpack was missing the zipper so a completely new one was also built to fit.  We figured as long as we were having the other screens made, we might as well have a new stackpack made since protecting the main sail in kind of important I hear.

We also wanted some protection from the sun while in the cockpit.  I've seen other boats with these types of screens that tie off to the life-line.  We had ours built to snap down to form an enclosure around the cockpit but will also tie off to offer some protection from the sun.  We'll see if it will be functional after we get back to the boat, but from the pictures, it's looking promising. 

We're anxious to get back to the boat and see how it looks in person (all this was installed by the canvas company that built all the covers and then sent us the pictures.)

Also, all of the delamination repairs have been completed since we've been back.  We finally received the invoice for the repairs that were actually started back in October - Mike has been very patient in collecting his money until everything was completed - but holy crap, it hurt to pay that bill as it has been, by far, the biggest repair cost on the boat.  I will be disclosing all of the cost to refit in an upcoming post and last night, after adding up all the costs to date, its hard to say if I was surprised at the final number or not.


  1. Hey guys, you've been busy and it's been a little too long since I checked back. Love the new page...looks great! Hope that ankle heals up quickly...ouch!

  2. Thanks Britton, since I have nothing better to do at this time, I figured I might as well work on the site a bit - I tweak it continuously. Sad to say though as Tami has hit a major snag in her recovery and looks like this will last a long time....but she's determined that as soon as she can, she'll be back in Key West - she misses her boat greatly.