Tuesday, April 22, 2014

It was Hard to Leave.....

When we left on February 10th, it was difficult.  Partly because we knew Tami had a pretty long road of rehab ahead of her (even without the reaction she developed).  Also, it was the first time the boat's been alone since November 4th when Tami and Justin pulled up and set up shop.  And it makes us worry.  We've heard a bad storm rolled through a month ago and had winds somewhere between 50 and 60 knots.  As a result, one of our canvas covers....

...came unzipped or unattached (or something to that effect) and one of Mike's guys went up to secure it back in place - but nothing else seemed to be askew.  But more than just storms, you worry about people too.  You just hope nobody's jacking with stuff.

But, every time we do leave Key West, the SWA 737 flies right over the boatyard where our boat is kept, and each time, it is directly (and I mean directly) below the airplane.  So much so, that it is impossible to see the boat.  The odd thing was, that when we arrived on our last trip, for the first time, the flight pattern actually came in over the military base to the east, and right next to the boat.  My camera was in the ready and I was all excited - but instead of pushing the record button once, I pushed it twice....and no footage was taken of the landing.  Grrrrrrr.

But we were given a second chance on our departure, albeit at a much higher altitude then when we arrived.  Once again, we flew right over the top of the shipyard, but this time, just a little to the south of what we normally do and I was able to get just the smallest glimpse of our baby.  It was a still image taken from video footage, so the quality wasn't that great, but at least I got it.  

It was awesome to see her, but sad to see her alone.

 Just barely got a glimpse of her - finally.

Although the image quality of the camera I was using was a little shitty, how cool is that to see your boat during take off and landing....we can't wait to get back to Key West and our home.

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