Friday, October 25, 2013

I now have a family of ASA 101, 103, and 104 Certified Sailors

Although I didn't go on this latest adventure to Seabrook, Texas, my family just got back from a 6 day trip to become ASA certified sailors and learned a lot in the process.  Both Justin and Brandon were reported to have done well, Tami on the other hand claims that she has too many brain issues to be able to apply what she's studied to the actual sailing process.  And based on these difficulties, she's come up with a solution for our new running rigging on Catchin' Rays.....

The plan is to install all different colored lines so when somebody calls out a command from the helm, they could just yell, "Grab the green line!"  That way there won't be any confusion as to which rope we're suppose to grab (do we sound like idiots? - our original name for the boat was going to be Catamorons which would make much more sense at this point as I describe our remedy to not knowing the terminology better.)  I can just hear us now, "Grab the red line that is attached to the thinga-ma-giggy and let it out a bit."

But the reports from the family about Seabrook, Tx was pretty good - reminded them of a Jersey Shore type place - although everything closed at 9pm and it becomes a ghost town - so during the week, not much of a night life at least in the near vicinity around the marina.

But I thought I would post some pictures of their trip and may add to this as I consult with them further.

Captain Ron starter kit

Captain Ron starter kit - 2nd Edition

 The boardwalk at Seabrook, Tx

 The boat that my family stayed on and sailed during their stay

 Brandon has been promoted from swab

 The Dolphins swim different in Texas than they do in the Bahamas


 Tami and Justin probably arguing about what color the sky is

The marina at night

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  1. Congratulations guys! So, planning on taking 114 on your cat?

    As for the boat name, I think you have a good one picked out...and some advice someone once told me, don't name your boat something you wouldn't want to include in a mayday call. ;-)