Thursday, October 17, 2013

The new name for the boat is "Catchin' Rays"

So Tiki II will now be known as Catchin' Rays, and I hear that unless you do this complete "name change" ceremony that your boat will be cursed with bad luck.  Ah, .....nobody told me this when I decided to change the name during our registration process.  Are you exempt by way of stupidity.....

All of the reading I've done over the past 7 years and not one time have I read that changing the name of a boat is bad luck - you would have thought somebody would have said something - but maybe that's something you don't talk about if you're a boat owner that has changed the name of your boat.

But it's too late now...the name is changed and that's that.  We are in the process of having our local decal maker here in Boyd, Texas make up the new name.  We are supplying fonts and design ideas and sizes to them and they will be printing the decals soon.  But I have a weird feeling that maybe we are doing things out of order - we don't have a boat that can be put in the water yet, and here we are wasting valuable time designing a name and logo.  But its not like we can do anything with the boat right now....moneys are in escrow, and papers are emailed and Fed-ex'd, so we wait.

Justin continues to research everything anybody ever wanted to know about inverters and a/c units - he's reassured me that "I've got this."

Insurance is now bound, and shipyard spot is leased, all that's left now is the cryin'.

Oh, I almost forgot, we were watching "Shipwreck Men" on Destination TV (DESTHD...I guess that's what is stands for) some program that we came across during my channel surfing and I actually spotted our new boat sitting in the boatyard.  I froze it, rewound it, frame by frame....I told my family "that's Tiki II!"  Although it is in a different location in the boatyard now than it was during the filming, it was confirmed today that Tiki II was indeed once stored where we saw it on the show.  Bam!  Our boat's been on TV.

Update:  After doing some research on "Shipwreck Men" I learned that it was actually just a 4 episode series that originally aired on the Discovery Channel back in January.  So looking back, if we had been watching that series when it aired, we would have seen our future boat and not even known it.

I know that I also said in the last post that I wouldn't update my blog until after the purchase but I guess I'm getting carried away with this new blog stuff.

There it is...a little difficult to see, but definitely OUR boat!

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  1. Congrats on the purchase! It's nice that your sons are coming along on this have a crew!
    On the name changing, I'm not an overly superstitious person, but I've been around boaters all my life and most of them swear by the proper name changing ceremony. Since you haven't put the new name on the boat yet, maybe you could still ask the gods of the winds and seas to forgive you;-) We bought a boat with a name that we absolutely could not stand. Hated to even call it by the name "Blue Angel", but the name changing process and ceremony sounds pretty cool to me, so we're waiting to do it right and for now just refer to her as "the boat". There are a lot of suggestions for carrying out this ceremony, but I found the most comprehensive one at this link
    I think Neptune and Aelous would have mercy on you if you if you jump in and follow the rules now! LOL
    Good luck with your adventure. We'll be following :)