Tuesday, December 16, 2014

We raise the Sails for the first Time!

Today, Ralph from s/v Lasata was nice enough to join us on our maiden shakedown SAIL.  And just as when we launched Catchin' Rays, this was just as important of a day in the life of this boat because we know its been years since this sailing vessel has been powered by nothing more than the wind, so it was a pretty monumental day for us and for her.

The day was perfect - it was warm with winds steady at 8 to 10 knots with gusts up around 14 knots.  Ralph and Cassey arrived at 11:00 am, jumped aboard, and we untied the lines for a nice mid-day sail.  Justin took us from the dock and out the channel; soon we were heading towards the tip of Key West and it was time to finally raise the sails and kill the engines.  I still can't figure out if I was surprised that she did great, or if its exactly what I expected, but even though there were only light winds, she was still making about 6.2 kts.  For those who haven't experienced what its like to have a 16,000 lb. catamaran move along at 6 knots by a light breeze... its truly something that has to be felt and witnessed.  There wasn't any violent and overbearing wind to distract us or big waves that constantly crash the sides...it was just the peaceful sound of the water kissing the hulls as it went by. And for us, to see Catchin' Rays glide through the ocean by only the power of the wind was a proud moment for all of us.  

The engines did great too - we replaced both mixing elbows so the engine rooms were nice and dry.  Even when we ran them up to over 3000 rpm, they were barely getting warm - at 2500 rpm, she was cutting through the water at 7 knots.  We also played around in the marina just a bit doing a few 360's before backing her back into her slot at the marina.   Ralph suggested that we have a celebratory beer due to a successful sail - so we bullshitted at the picnic table overlooking our boat and toasted to a bad-ass little day sail.

View through the port ocean hatch
Ralph from s/v Lasata giving a little instruction


  1. Congratulations guys. Feels great to cruise along without the drone of the engines doesn't it.


    1. Yes Mike, it was so much quieter than we expected and plus with such a light breeze we really didn't have the sound of the wind either....pretty freakin' awesome to be moving that fast from just a couple little white things sticking up in the air.

  2. Congrats! Love hearing about a good sail day! Nothing comes close to the experience.

    Glad everything is working out so well.


  3. Good job, glad you are getting that nice boat out on the water. Thanks for eveything over the weekend.
    Chris on SV Saltrun

  4. Awesome to see you guys on the water!

    Mark and Cindy
    s/v Cream Puff