Friday, August 28, 2015

Video: Episode #10 Sailing the Caribbean - Guadeloupe: The Tale of Two Waterfalls

Here it is, Episode #10 has finally been uploaded.  And this episode took forever for a few different reasons.  First of all, it was edited primarily in Adobe Premiere Pro that took me awhile to figure out how to use - quite a few hours were spent watching tutorials on how to do the simplest tasks, and it was time consuming to say the least.  The second thing that added to the delay was that I wanted to create an official "intro" that I could use at the beginning of all the rest of my videos from now on - and getting that just right along with picking the right song took an extremely long time.  

And although this episode isn't very lengthy, be sure and watch until the end for some of the best sailing footage that I've ever included in any of my videos and also for some great bonus footage that wraps up this episode.  But also, this was Brandon's first attempt at narrating a video - and for the first time, I think he did awesome and hopefully it won't be his last. Thanks for being patient and hopefully everybody enjoys this installment.

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