Sunday, August 17, 2014

Fold up Bicycle and Bruce Van Sant

"Where'd I find this?  Some kid back in town..... traded the van for it straight up.  I can get 70 mpg on this hog."

Actually, I gave $75 to a college girl up around the University of North Texas.  These usually go for around $170-$200 depending on location and shipping, so I couldn't pass it up.  But I'm not quite sure how I'm getting it to Key West.  

Brandon tearin' it up

After we fold it all up, we're hoping it fits in a checked bag, but our bags are already getting full from the other stuff I plan on taking - I've got to stop accumulating boat stuff here in Texas.  Although it looks a little awkward with the little wheels and tall handle bars, it really rides pretty much like anything else - it won't set any speed records, but it should do exactly what it is designed to.  But I have no idea why somebody in North Texas needs a fold up bicycle (we were not expecting one to be 30 min from our current location) although I guess folded up is how I got it home.  But the demand for them here is not as great as it is in Key West - a quick search generated more people looking to buy a fold-up bike than were selling them.

Also this week, the postman delivered our homework for the next month (how long does it take to read a book?)  Its The Gentleman's Guide to Passages South and have heard about this book off and on for a few years now - I just wish I would have purchased it the first time it came into my consciousness.  It's just packed full of everything you ever wanted to know about island-hopping from Florida to South America and seems to be the perfect guide for doing exactly what we are planning.  

Should've have invested in this book sooner
Time to get back to the guide and my lazy Sunday.


  1. Thanks for the info!!!

    1. Hey Dallas, thanks for checking in! Glad you're following along.

  2. 75- that is a good deal! Keith just bought one and we looking for a second. (You are right, they are more expensive here in Florida)

    They ride pretty good for looking like a circus bike don't they?

    If you are looking more really good books, Chris Parker, the weather guy, has written a book. He is outstanding as a teacher. His book made weather make sense for the first time for me.

    Deborah s/v Wrightaway

  3. Hey Deborah, thanks for stopping by. Its funny, I almost mentioned you guys in my post...I almost said, "Not to be out done by the good people over at Wrightaway.....we bought our own foldy bike.!!" It just so happens that we've been looking around briefly for bikes and found this the same time I saw your post. But I was going to tell you that I have a Camping World up here by us, and they have a pretty decent fold up bike with the 20" wheels and 12 speeds that looks to be more solid than the little Tokyo Citizen that I bought. If you go to their website, the cost $224 for the "internet" purchase and will ship them to Florida for $9. Maybe an option for you if you have to buy new. Its the one I will probably get if I buy new. Thanks for checking in and for the reading recommendation...I will search for it soon.

  4. Funny! Keith enjoys the search for a deal too much, but that is a decent price. Thanks for sharing!