Saturday, May 24, 2014

Making a huge dent in the list - May 13th - 24th

Since our arrival on May 13, we have yet to stop working.  Most days start somewhere around 10:30am (I am on still on vacation mind you) and end when the "noseeums" come out - usually around 5:00pm if the wind isn't blowing - but we still seem to get a lot accomplished....

....And while that doesn't seem like a whole lot of time, most evenings we are worn out and find ourselves moaning and groaning every time we have to go up or down stairs.  

The big accomplishment for the week, as stated in my previous post, was to get the self-cleaning strainer installed.  But that was just the begining.  Since that time, we've:
1.)  Removed the old, painted blue stripe off each side of the boat (it was just plain ugly.)
2.) Ordered and installed the shut-off cable for the port engine (27 feet of push-pull cable.)
3.) Installed the previously removed engine lid covers, organized, cleaned, and re-installed all of the electric wire channel covers in both engine rooms - makes for nice and organized place to work.

3 1/2 hours for each side but it looks soooo much better

The interesting part of removing the blue stripe is that when I got to the area right in front of the aluminum "Fountaine Pajot" name plate, faint lettering appeared that read: "FRANCE CARIBES Charter  - Group DIVA".  I tried to look it up on the web, but no matches exist.  I guess it was a charter boat for awhile before the guy I bought it from owned it - makes sense.

We also got the mast back up and in place - but that was the easy part.  The hard part is running all the cables and wires - the radar, over-the-air antenna, the lights, and the top of the mast camera. The lighting and antenna connections were made at a junction box under the saloon seat.  The wind, radar, and camera were home runs to their perspective instruments.  

New port engine shut-off pull cable (on the left)

Pullin' mast wires requires agility and flexibility 

The sun setting on a newly installed mast

Raymarine HD color radar displayed on the E90W

I'm not quite sure what I'm looking at yet, but the radar does seem to be spinning away.....with the big metal building right next to us, I'm sure we're getting a lot of interference, but I'm still not sure what I'm seeing.  I'm just happy that it's reading something.

The view from 63' up on the mast

After getting the wires ran to the chartplotter, and attaching the camera, it looks like we were just off a bit with the angle - but even with the camera turned just a bit, it will still do what I need it to.

Some of the things are a working progress - I've ordered the parts that I think will make the water maker make water again.  My boarding ladder project didn't come out as planned so now I have to find another option.  We still need a dinghy, and I'm looking at adding some solar power prior to splashing.

It's been a busy first 11 days, and we've cleared a lot of the "must do's" off the list, now we're just down to the automatic bilge pumps and to a few miscellaneous items and then we're outta here until next time. 

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